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Eastridge Flowers Ltd

Biz Solutions and Atesh Bhej have provided us with professional services for the past five years.

We were first introduced to Atesh and his company during the early days of our flower business at Eastridge Shopping Centre. We were looking for some accounting, investment advice and what we got was much more.

This was a time when our business was growing quickly and we were looking to expand to multiple sites. Atesh and Biz Solustions guided us through the tough decisions of: grow or not, expand sites or not. He also helped us manage cash flow with limited working capital and step back and assess the opportunities from a less emotional perspective.

After our significant growth phase Atesh and Biz Solutions provides additional assistance with the conversion of our operations into cash, they guided us through the sale process. This was our first time selling of a business and at each step advice and help was close at hand.

Once this was completed successfully again Atesh and Biz Solutions were able to provide clarity on what might be our best next steps.

This clear thinking helped us immigrate to Australia, take on new projects, expand our horizons and embark on a new set of opportunities. We are in Atesh's debt.

Our summary, the accounting functional service provided by Biz Solutions is excellent, the guidance provided is invaluable and the broad horizon thinking is a refreshing deviation from our previous expectation of professional accountants.

If you would like any additional in formation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Val Woolhouse and Hamish Watson