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Pumpt Advertising Ltd

Pumpt Advertising has been utilizing the service of Biz Solutions for over 4 years now. In this time our growth has been substantial, and whilst all of this cannot be attributed to Atesh and the team at Biz Solutions, there is no doubt that his assistance has been beneficial.

I originally came to Biz Solutions because I was frustrated with a lack of pro-activity with my previous accountant. Unlike many accountants who I see as merely administrators, Atesh understands the concept of Value very well.

The value we receive from Biz Solutions is in the overall relationship right down to individual interactions and projects, and is measured by the benefit versus the cost of doing them. Unlike other 'professional services' suppliers (e.g. lawyers, valuers, etc) I have trust that Atesh will deliver value on any transaction.

While this testimonial comes on Pumpt Advertising letterhead, Atesh has assisted me with a range of legal, property, estate and business structure projects from other interests.

I do not hesitate to recommend Biz Solutions to my friends, family and clients, and this letter is an indication of my willingness to recommend them to you also.

Kind regards

Dominic Sutton B.Com
Managing Director
Pumpt Advertising Limited